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At camp ape, we believe in the fire starters that last, the long hauls of a good hike, and smoking s'mores over the campfire. we want to help shape a business with the foundations of a great identity. we a brand and advertising studio reigning from southern missouri ready to be your guide.

A lot of people cant roast a good smore. call us your smore gurus. we love what we do and we do it at the highest merit there is when it comes to camping. 


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let's cook up some s'mores and tell stories as we go. ya'll don't have to worry about bringing anything. we brought our own wood and fire starters to get us started. you just tell your story and take a seat at the campfire.


a photo speaks a thousand words huh? in the woods, we care about getting documentation of the stories we might tell or the critters we might embark on this journey. lets shape curiosity and make moments.

graphic design

perhaps you aren't looking for a full hike or tenting. maybe you are just wanting to get your feet wet enough to get a taste of wild life. any size, any type, any where, we got you covered. from a map all the way down to a trail marker.

Website builds

you lost? camp ape can build tools that excel for you to be your own guide. everyone needs directions in how to get some where or to learn more so why not give them something that is tasteful and insightful. 


documenting how we build something out of sticks and rocks can help us for the next time we are out in the woods. moments like these turn into mere stories to shape and inspire us for the next journey ahead.


campfire talks can be wild especially in ways that hadn't been expressed before. tales that may make us curious or inspired to take action just from directions on how to colect fire wood or pitching a tent.

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