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A lot of people can't roast a good s'more. call us your s'more gurus. we love what we do and we do it at the highest merit there is when it comes to camping. 




every creative opportunity needs a good strategy session whether thats creating a campaign or drawing up a storyboard for a video. we handle this multiple ways to best fit the project's needs.


a logo is perishable but your branding can last forever. with branding, we deep dive into going bigger than just a logo and develop more of what truly is the identity of your brand. 

Graphic Design

this is where we can assist you in creating the assets you need to best promote your product and business. allow camp ape to add a little stylistic visual to your life and make work easy and convey what you need. from colors, font choices, images, etc. marry this with some branding and other marketing schtuff and you are set for life.


tell your story. There is nothing better than to show your customers what your business is all about. To do video, we will come up with concepts, scripts, storyboards, schedule, shoot, and edit. 


they say a picture says a thousand words. why not say those thousand words through sick images of your products, your people, and your business.

motion graphics

sometimes showing your face is okay but your business still needs to tell a story in a compelling and engaging way. we take static images and turn them into moving, breathing beasts that make your business look like nothing your audience has seen before.

package design

we all see a product on a shelf but do we grab it because of just the necessities of needing it or because the visual takes us by the throat and says this stuff is awesome and you are going to enjoy it? camp ape doesn't just slap a logo on a label and call it a day. no, we go above and beyond to do research, strategy, and see what sells in your demographic to create beautiful artwork on those shelves so that your product does sell. 


whether this be a cool shirt design, poster work, or just something that looks rad...we are all about the works in the details and giving your company something special. we apply this to branding and graphic design for sure, but every now and then we all want something just a little on the edge.

collateral design

the mockups are great but what do those designs look like physically? do the colors, fonts, and design pop? what would it look like on a hat, a brochure, an annual report,  or maybe its just a business card. who knows but one thing is for certain, we sure like to make cool stuff for you and make you proud of the work of your business.

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